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Arthritis affects nearly 43 million Americans

Yet because of misperceptions about the disease, many people never seek appropriate medical care. They believe they are too young to be affected or they may believe that arthritis is "just something you have to learn to live with." While it is true there is no cure for arthritis (just as there is no cure for diabetes or hypertension), there are effective treatments available and measures that can be taken to protect muscles, bones and joints. This is truer today than ever before.

What Is A Rheumatologist?

Many people simply do not know there are physicians who specialize in treating aches and pains.  Unlike a sore throat, which is easily diagnosed, diseases that produce aches and pains are often complex and difficult to identify.   Rheumatologists are physicians with years of additional specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of those diseases which affect the bones, muscles and joints.

Who We Are

At the Arthritis Treatment Center, we are a team of professionals who are wholly dedicated to the specialized care of musculoskeletal problems.