Arthritis Treatment Center
3377 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01107-1113

Telephone: 413-734-5661

What We Do

What is a rheumatologist?  Many people simply do not know there are physicians who specialize in treating aches and pains.  Unlike a sore throat, which is easily diagnosed, diseases that produce aches and pains are often complex and difficult to identify.   Rheumatologists are physicians with years of additional specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of those diseases which affect the bones, muscles and joints.  As specialists, they diagnose and provide comprehensive medical (i.e., non-surgical) care for more than 100 different types of arthritis as well as other musculoskeletal disorders.  At the Arthritis Treatment Center, we will not only diagnose and treat your disorder but will teach you what you need to know to ensure that you take an active role in managing your condition.

Our Mission

Our single goal at the Arthritis treatment Center is to help those people suffering from disorders of bones, muscles and joints - to relieve pain, prevent crippling, maintain physical functioning, improve quality of life. Our patients come to us directly or by referral. They may come with a simple sprain, with crippling forms of arthritis that have not yielded to previous treatments, or with backaches, sore feet or joint or muscle pains that just won't go away.

Comprehensive Care

People with musculoskeletal disorders often require the skill and expertise of caregivers from a number of different disciplines, including medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, diagnostic testing (laboratory, x-ray, bone densitometry), in order to meet both their medical and functional needs. All of these services work best when they are given by people who specialize in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. And, we have found, they work best when those people work together under one roof. Our office provides the comprehensive care you need in one single facility.

Team Approach

At the Arthritis Treatment Center, we have put together a team of professionals who are wholly dedicated to our specialty and to your care. We work together, sharing information, perspectives and problem-solving approaches to develop a treatment plan that meets both your medical and lifestyle needs. You, the patient, are the key team member - the expert in your own experience and the one who ultimately must take responsibility for the plan of care.

Patient Education

We truly believe and adhere to the philosophy "If we treat you, we help you for a day; if we teach you, we help you for a lifetime." Here, you will learn about your disorder and about treatment options available. You will have the chance to hear about the potential benefits as well as risks of those options. You will learn what you can do to treat your condition and prevent further damage or recurrences. Then you can make informed decisions about your health and commit yourself to a treatment plan. Our patient education program of individualized teaching, group classes, educational displays and printed materials is aimed at ensuring that you not only understand your condition but are in control of efforts to remediate it.